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Sociology, history and film and Television student at the University Of Glasgow.

In my spare time I take photos.
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So I'm thinking of volunteering at a humanitarian soup kitchen. The thing about University is, now that I have settled down and am enjoying it (trust me I did NOT enjoy the first semester), I find myself with very little to do with myself. There is no need to study for more than an hour a day (unless exams are up) and an essay will take about 12 hours of solid work at most which I can bash out by doing three hours of work per day for a week. Apart from that I have perhaps four-five hours of actual formal university stuff per day (this includes tutorials, seminars and lectures) so for the rest of the day I usually do a little work and swan around a little and I have been feeling as useless and flippant as a piece of garbage in a storm.

When I first got to University one of my favourite things about it was the informality. I can fill up my day how I want and I enjoyed finding things to do to fill up my time with. Now it just feels like that though, filling up time. Wasting time is no longer a commodity but a chore when you have so much time and struggle to find things to do with it. Today I got back at five after studying and found I had nothing to do to break up the monotony of the afternoon. I need a proper substantive hobby, my societies (Kendo and Bad Movie Society and political stuff that my friend from central European studies drags me to), don't cut it anymore. They are only five hours a week tops. That's nothing and doesn't fill up my week. If anyone reading this isn't at University and is planning to do so, know that a lot of it includes swanning about the place. I was going to start Krav Maga as a defence martial art but the lessons are £6 per hour and as a student I am a moneyless urchin and if the size of wallets represented the amount of money that was in them, mine would be the size of a gnats dick. So I'm volunteering at a soup kitchen be productive and proactive. I want to actually do something important and with my time and since Glasgow has a lot of poverty I think I think this would be a good cause. There is a Humanitarian one south of the city which is good because offering somebody free food and then then trying to guilt trip them with Jesus is as dubious as fuck. 

A good point about University though is that swanning about means that you can socialise with a variety of people and get a taste for so many different people, I'm not the type to get hundreds of really close friends. I'll have a few close friends and the rest of the people I know are people I just want to have a good time with. People I meet once and have a drink with and never see again. That's not something you can do in small town. If you drift away from somebody or hang out with different people in different social circles all hells breaks lose and you feel there is a need to explain yourself to everyone within a six mile radius. Here you can drift in and out of crowds. You don't have to see the same old faces. Strangely I have been meeting a lot of slightly crazy people, I think a lot of people here are pretty damn smart but at the same time a little unhinged. I like people who come off as a bit nuts because even if they are rude or cold or callous at least they don't come of as boring. Last semester I went to free art classes, book clubs, joined about ten societies, went to LGBT youth groups and began to learn how to rollerblade. But now I feel like I am fracturing my personality, putting a new one on a new mask to please various people. Mirroring their mannerisms and behaviours to fit in with them. If it works well, it still takes a toile. This semester I want to participate in tangent, long term, difficult hobbies instead of breezing in and out of a variety. I've had my taster but now I want to work on something substantive. So I'm working in a soup kitchen and I'm also going to start Japanese because I might go on an exchange to Kyushu University or Chuo University in my third year.

And that's it. That's what's going on with me. But enough about me. What about you?

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